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Injury - Traumatic Brain Injury Emergency Department Visits

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Traumatic Brain Injury Emergency Department Visits by County, New Mexico, 2016

Why Is This Important?

In 2013, traumatic brain injuries (TBI), which can lead to death or permanent disability, contributed to 2.8 million emergency department visits, hospitalizations, and deaths nationwide. Furthermore, rates of TBI-related emergency department visits in the United States increased by 47% between 2007-2013. The leading causes of TBI are falls, followed by being struck by or against an object, and then motor vehicle crashes. Everyone is at risk for a TBI, especially children and older adults.


The number of emergency department visits for traumatic brain injury per 10,000 population According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), a traumatic brain injury (TBI) is defined as "a disruption in the normal function of the brain that can be caused by a bump, blow, or jolt to the head, or penetrating head injury." The data include 2016 record level information of all New Mexico resident traumatic brain injury (TBI) patients who have visited a non-federal emergency department. The data were compiled using the following ICD10 codes: S020XXA S020XXB S0210XA S02113A S02118A S02118B S02119A S0219XA S0219XB S028XXA S0291XB S060X0A S060X1A S060X9A S061X9A, S060X9A S061X9A S062X0A S062X9A S06300A S064X0A S064X1A S064X9A S065X0A S065X9A S066X0A S066X7A S066X9A, S069X9A T744XXA S0402 S0403 S0404 S071

Data Sources

  • Emergency Department (ED) dataset, Health Systems Epidemiology Program, New Mexico Department of Health
  • New Mexico Population Estimates: University of New Mexico, Geospatial and Population Studies (GPS) Program.

How the Measure is Calculated

Numerator:The number of New Mexico residents who visited a non-federal emergency department with a primary diagnosis of traumatic brain injury during the period.
Denominator:The mid-year estimated population
Indicator Data Last Updated On 05/11/2018, Published on 11/27/2020
Injury Epidemiology Unit, Epidemiology and Response Division, New Mexico Department of Health, 1190 S. Saint Francis Drive, Room N1105, P.O. Box 26110, Santa Fe, NM, 87502. Contact Garry Kelley, Senior Injury Epidemiologist, by telephone at (505) 827-0726 or email to